Out of control

S_Lim_2012_00059I would have thought that landscape photography would be the easiest.  I mean the things that I shoot don’t move and are really big.  Maybe it is one of the easier types, I don’t know.  But I still find it tough when there are so many factors I have no control of.

I travel half way round the world to get some good shots, and I often find that it’s too cloudy.  I find it rare to be able to take a good shot if the sky isn’t interesting to look at.  I simply haven’t found a way to shoot an awesome shot on a overcast day.

Raining? Forget about it.  My day is shot right there.  I’m not even considering the added difficulty of keeping my camera and lens dry.  Maybe I could find ways to switch to people photography during these days, but that really…

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