Equipment Update – TSE-24 L ii and the Big Stopper

A few new pieces of equipment are coming my way that will open up photographic possibilities that are currently not possible for me to do.

1) TSE-24 L ii
2) Lee Big Stopper

For those of you who aren’t familiar with each of these and what they will allow me to do I’ll briefly describe them:

1)  The TSE 24mm tilt shift lens will allow me to change the plane of focus.  It will allow me to get either much better Depth of Focus without using higher f stops that might suffer from diffraction i.e. soft focus.  This is particularly excellent for landscape photography.  On the flip side I can also further isolate the focus of larger further away objects.  You may have seen photos on the web of miniaturization photos.  Those were taken with a tilt shift lens.  However this can be largely faked with post processing and is not the reason I am getting this lens.  The other things that this lens does well is allow me to change perspective of the lens by shifting it to correct for tall buildings or objects.


2) The second piece of equipment is the 10 stop ND filter for which I can do much longer exposures to get cool blurred effects.  This will be used in conjunction with my Lee Filter Holder.

Will post images with both of these pieces soon!


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