Mexico Set 3, Everclear

Geez!  I still haven’t finished posting all my photos from earlier in the year.  Thought I might go back to them…

It’s amazing how clear  lakes and oceans can be.   I took both of these photos near Akumal in Mexico earlier this year.  The first was a lagoon outside the house we were renting.  During midday, the sun could almost completely penetrate the water, turning from gold to sea blue depending upon the depth of the lagoon.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Akumal, Mexico


This next photo was taken inside a cenotes cave, where fresh rain water collects because of the porous limestone.  The water is some of the most clear I have ever been in.  I wish I had submersible housing for my camera.  One could see stalagmites and stalactites and some of the most surreal otherworldly caves beneath.  However since these are in caves, one must have powerful flashlights to peer into the voids, and if Scuba diving also have markers and lines to ensure you don’t lose your way.  The water is so fresh, and one feels relatively clean coming out of it, unlike sea and ocean water.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Dos Ojos Cenotes, Mexico


The last two photos were taken with no flash despite being very dark.   The first one I put my lens on a wide open 2.8 aperture for 1 sec, and the sensor revealed a lot of colors that I could  not see with the naked eye.  I wish I had take this photo at a smaller aperture for a better depth of field.  I did just that with the last photo opening it up to f8 for 8 sec.  The downside is the water appears a less clear because the water was being churned up by the swimmers and divers.  But still a surreal looking shot.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Dos Ojos Cenotes, Mexico


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