Yosemite, Set 1 – Faint Sound of Water

I’ve visited Yosemite a few times already, but I only just figured out how to do it right.  I’ve constantly visited this National Park during the peak hours between 9AM to 4PM.  It’s always been hot, crowded and basically not all that fun.  On this day however we decided to get up really early.  We arrived at Yosemite by 5:30 AM and after shooting a few pictures of the Tunnel View, we made our way to the Valley floor. Not a soul stirred and we were surrounded just by the peaks, trees, and the deer that would come up right next to us.  This I felt was exactly how Yosemite was meant to be visited.  Even my young nephews, who were so awe inspired by the scene, didn’t say a word.  I resolved after this morning that I would have to go back to this place and visit more places like this.  However, I knew that camping overnight was going to be essential to get the full experience.    I can count the number of times I’ve camped on 1 hand.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Yosemite, CA Yosemite-2013-3809 There are more great shots of Yosemite than the total number shots I’ve taken in my lifetime, so I’m not breaking a new ground with these photos.  However they represent the best of my ability to recreate the scene.  I took both these photos around 7 AM just as the sun was breaking over the Valley floor.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Yosemite, CA Yosemite-2013-3728


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