Scotland Set 5, Never Ending Sunset

This past summer after having spent 5 days around Edinburgh, I diverted my attention the rural country side.  We left around 4PM in the afternoon, and started driving west to the Isle of Skye.   Fort Williams through Glencoe to be precise.   The drive out began with a steady rain.   The weather, combined with the narrow roads, unfamiliar country, and navigating on the opposite side of the road heightened my attention to the sole purpose of driving.  So much so that I don’t remember much about the first couple of hours on the road.   But as the rain subsided and my comfort behind the wheel started to increase, I was finally able to divert my attention to the scenery around me.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Highlands, Scotland


I already posted many of these pictures of the Isle of Skye, but the drive through was just as spectacular as the where we were heading.   Being so far north in Scotland around the Summer Solstice, the sunsets seemed to last forever.  We kept driving west towards the sun which lit up the landscape with a fiery glow.  Overhead, although the rain and departed, clouds still threatened rainfall at any time.  They did however allow for a brilliant patchwork of blue, orange, yellow light to peer through.  I knew on this first drive over, that I would eventually have to make it back.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Highlands, Scotland


The above two pictures were taken at 100 ISO at 24mm.  The first was taken at f9, the second at f16 for just under a second.   Used a .6 GND to ensure the sun directly in my eyes didn’t over expose the sky.  Driving through the area, I could see where a lot of the artwork for movies such as Lord of the Rings was inspired by.  I felt like the road we were driving on was the road to Mordor.


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