Seattle Set 1, Sunset on a Needle

I had high expectations for this weekend which were subsequently disappointed.  It was then followed by an offering of hope which was subsequently squashed.  Admitting defeat I headed to Seattle.

With a weekend free in Seattle, I had decided to see if I could make my way over to Olympic National Park or go to Mt. Rainier to do some hiking and photography.  However the government had just announced the shutdown and wouldn’t you know it, it extended over that same weekend.  When the weekend arrived, it was further thwarted by overcast skies and some rain.  However a sliver of light and sky started to appear near Mt. Rainier.    Still hoping to perhaps do some shooting around the National Parks, if not in them, I jumped in my car and drove an hour and half south east.

Making my way over into the hills and nearing the mountain, the road turned from paved to gravel.  All the vehicles around me were 4x4s, and I was in a Chevy Cruze.  Driving at a slow pace of 25 mph, I continued up, but the clouds kept on thickening until I could no longer procede.  A sign that said road closed in 10 miles finally confirmed that my journey was for nought, and I made the 2 hour drive to Seattle just to putter around.  Although I cursed under my breath, I wasn’t entirely surprised and reminded myself this wouldn’t be the last failure to get great photos.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Kerry Park, Seattle, WA


I decided to set up my gear in Kerry Park with the iconic view of the Space Needle at around 2PM.  I knew I had to wait until sunset to snap some pictures.  It was just too darn bright at this time.  But waiting over the course of the next few hours I had a great view of the city and witnessed an Quincenera, a wedding, and many other get togethers.  I also met a fellow traveler and we exchanged photos and stories and our love for photography.  Unfortunately he didn’t give me a valid email address, so if you are seeing this drop me a line Ming.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Kerry Park, Seattle, WA Seattle-5588

It was funny that a few people commented on my FB that I waited for the sunset starting at 2 PM.  While I probably didn’t need to arrive that early for the sunset I didn’t want miss out on any good lighting.   This is an endeavor after all that requires patience.  I think only the most committed photographers can understand this.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Kerry Park, Seattle, WA


Kerry Park was soon packed with people taking time off this Saturday evening to watch the sunset and then let the city lights take over.


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