Borobudur Set 1 – My Dad’s Shots

This marks only the second time I’m posting shots that are not mine.   But I’m not posting pictures far from the tree.  Quite the contrary, more like pictures from my roots.  The photos below were taken from dad in Borobudur earlier this year.

Sensor: Canon 1D Mark IV
Location: Borobudur, Indonesia


I have no data to back this up, but I would think that most photographers were introduced to photography by their parents.  I got my first camera from my dad when I was around nine years old.  My foundation in photography started with him, as did my sister’s.  I think it’s pretty awesome that my dad, my sister, and I (…still waiting on you little bro!) have a good passion for this.  We all have different aesthetics and have a different focus for subject matter.  My dad with birding and wildlife, my sister with situational photography and journalism, and myself with landscapes (I’m still deciding waffling though).  I find it amusing that in general the three of us are pretty impatient people, my dad and I especially.  But with photography, we can sit for hours on end waiting for the ideal shot.

These shots were taken on a second attempt very early in the morning, my dad getting up before the sun rose.  The day before was unsuccessful since it was overcast and had bad lighting.  But I think he was well rewarded with a second effort.   While he is great with a camera, I think he is still trying to get a handle on post-processing landscape scenes, so I offered to do the processing on this set of photos.

Sensor: Canon 1D Mark IV
Location: Borobudur, Indonesia


Not having been there, it was a little bit of a challenge to recreate the scene, but this was my interpretation of it.  Hope you like them.
I plan to show more photos on this blog of other photographers if they let me.   I figure I’d tap into my family’s photo assets first.

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