Life is full of contradictions, surprises, and other things that are oddly juxtaposed along side of each other.  One just needs to look a little bit harder when one gets into the routine of daily life.  But traveling so far south and in unfamiliar territory to all but the few people who have ventured here, people only have to look up to see all sorts of odd items placed side by side staring straight at you.

Sensor: Sony A7R
Location: Whaler’s Bay, Deception Island

Freezing water, next to warm volcanic earth.   Deception Island must have been an inspiration to Jules Verne.  It’s and an almost fully enclosed ‘O” shaped landmass with a small opening to the ocean.  Because of the protection from the elements, Whaler’s in the past used it as a place to rest.  The land mass exists because of volcanic activity and despite the cold water, if one digs into the sand, one can find very warm water beneath it.  These boats are old remnants of a whaling station that existed years ago.

Sensor: Sony A7R
Location: Neumeyer Channel, Antarctica

Some of the roughest storms exist at the extreme southern end of the world.  But at the same time the ocean can get to be exceptionally calm until it becomes perfectly still.  In this photo, notice how we are looking up above at the bottom of the earth.

Sensor: Sony A7R
Location: Mikkelson Harbour, Antarctica

Thrown across the rock beach of Mikkelson Harbour with boulder’s of ice blocks.  I’m guessing at one point this was one large giant piece of ice that was eroded away by the movement of the ocean.  To me they look like ice guardians on the beach.

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