Out of the Freezer and Into the Oven

We had left Buenos Aires on a perfect day and perfect weather leaving for the cold air of Ushuaia.   We didn’t know however that a heat wave soon arrived in the city and stayed there for a good many weeks.  Thousands of residents had to withstand the excruciating heat with no power.  Upon our return from our icy adventure, we were thrust into their shared misery of 95 degree heat.

Sensor: Sony A7R
Location: Buenos Aires Argentina

All too frequently as tourists, we don’t really have the same experience as the locals.  Much in part due to the fact that we tend to stay in hotels nicer located in the nicer parts of town.   However since we were staying with my sister and her boyfriend we stayed much closer to the main part of the city in an area called San Telmo.  His apartment was not spared in the blackout and we soon found ourselves without electricity in 95 degree temperatures with no cooling or fans for a few days.  I thought I had brain damage waking up in the heat.

Far be it for me to complain.  Many residents were without power for weeks.  Apparently the distribution network was not able to withstand the increased power needs.  However unlike the US which would implement rolling blackouts, the privatized power companies chose to keep the poorer areas without power for an extended period of time.  Little communication took place on how or when power would be restored.  Frustration was mounting.

Sensor: Sony A7R
Location: Buenos Aires Argentina

Many protests took place over this during our stay.  I wish I could say that this was rare occurrence, but the Argentina is not an efficient country to put it mildly and protesting is a frequent social activity for many residents.  I was able to take these photos near the city center during one of these protests.  Apparently this protest was actually two protests in one!

Sensor: Sony A7R
Location: Buenos Aires Argentina

The above photos were taken over the course of 5 hours in the Panamerico hotel.  I scouted out this location and booked myself into one of the few hotels that had an open balcony that I could set up my tripod and do some long exposures.  Thank goodness that the heat wave was subsiding because our air-conditioning was not working too well.

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